Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 04 March 2009

Praja Rajyam likely to move apex court

We will continue to fight till the last, says Chiranjeevi

‘Tie-up with another party outside State is another option’


Rattled by the Election Commission’s rejection of its application for a common election symbol, the Praja Rajyam has desperately begun looking for different options, including a tie-up with another party that does not have a presence in Andhra Pradesh and use its symbol.

Before exploring such political options, the PR is preparing to move the Supreme Court challenging the Election Commission’s six-page order declaring that it was not entitled to a uniform symbol.

PR president Chiranjeevi, however, put up a brave face about the setback. Fielding questions at an impromptu meeting with presspersons after his return from Mahabubnagar on Tuesday, he said, “We are still fighting and will continue to do so till the last minute. In the event of failure, we have alternative plans.”

Repeated queries about the fall-back options failed to elicit a response beyond that the party was likely to move the Supreme Court.

Later, when asked specifically, Mr. Chiranjeevi told The Hindu that one of the options they were looking at was to tie-up with a party that did not have a presence in Andhra Pradesh and use its symbol. The party’s legal brains, he said, were studying the X Schedule of the Constitution that clearly stipulated how a break-up could happen between two parties that contested on a common symbol.

When contacted, senior party leader P. Shivshanker elaborated that if an arrangement materialises with a party outside the State, the latter could write to the EC saying it had no objection to the symbol being given to the PR. Once the elections were over, the PR would get its identity back through an amicable split.

Proof put up

PR general secretary Parakala Prabhakar said, “We are confident the Supreme Court will ask EC to use its discretionary powers to give us a common symbol. We have put up all the papers — including proof of Mr. Chiranjeevi’s immense popularity in the form of videos showing the turnout at his public meetings and roadshows, newspaper clippings and proof that our membership had exceeded 50 lakh.”


Chiranjeevi floors people in Mahabubnagar

Crowds respond with loud cheers despite his speeches being repetitive

Youth wait patiently for hours in the sun

Chiru tastes lambadas’ food, dances with tribals


The mood among the workers and leaders of Praja Rajyam is upbeat what with huge turnouts at the road shows addressed by actor-turned-politician and party chief Chiranjeevi.

During his four-day tour in the district, which concluded on Monday night, he covered 13 Assembly constituencies in the district . The lone Assembly segment left was Alampur.

Though Chiranjeevi’s speech was repetitive, the crowds responded with loud cheers whenever he criticised Congress and Telugu Desam parties. Most of them were youth who waited patiently for hours in the scorching sun to have a glimpse of their favourite hero.

Mr. Chiranjeevi appealed to the people to vote for Praja Rajyam for a change, development of the State and corruption-free governance. He lashed out at the government and Telugu Desam for ignoring people’s problems and indulging in corruption.

He said Mahabubnagar was not a backward district, but it was “pushed backward” by the successive governments though there were resources aplenty. Although river Krishna traverses through the district, the governments failed not only in providing water for irrigation but also drinking water. Due to lack of water for irrigation, people were forced to migrate to other places in search of livelihood, he added.

He tried to touch the hearts of people evincing concern over their miseries. Mr. Chiranjeevi interacted with the farm labourers who were migrating to Mumbai by boarding a Mumbai-bound RTC bus which happened to go past his convoy. He also interacted with the lambadas at Sarvareddypally tanda. Besides tasting their food, he danced with them. Mr. Chiranjeevi also took interest in the problems faced by handloom weavers in the district.


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