Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 28 February 2009

PR scouts for symbol

Plans to use the symbol of other parties if it fails to get common symbol


The Praja Rajyam has started discussions with some national parties as well as regional parties outside the State seeking their permission to use their symbol in the forthcoming elections.

This follows the party’s doubt on whether it could secure a common symbol for the forthcoming elections. The Election Commission turned down its request for a common symbol on the ground that only recognised political parties were eligible for a permanent election symbol under the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) (amendment) Order 2005. Registered parties, according to the EC, could chose from the available free symbols, but the party approached the High Court against the EC order seeking a common symbol as going to election without a common symbol would not be in the interest of the party. The High Court on February 6 directed the EC to reconsider the request and submit a report to it within three weeks.

Even as the deadline is set to expire, the PR leadership, according to sources, is not hopeful of securing a favourable response from the EC. The party had, therefore, decided to approach the Supreme Court, but at the same time, started exploring alternatives in the event of its plea failing to yield results in the Apex Court too.

PR president K. Chiranjeevi told reporters who met him on Friday that the party had commenced negotiations with national as well regional parties in other States. The Nationalist Congress Party was the first one to give green signal to the PR to use its symbol.


Brahmana Samakhya plea to Praja Rajyam


Visakha Zilla Brahmana Seva Sanghamula Samakhya has sought the Praja Rajyam Party to field veteran trade union leader from the community V.V. Vamana Rao from the Visakhapatnam East Assembly constituency in the forthcoming elections.

‘Service minded’

General secretary J. Venkateswarlu, working president V.S.V.G. Seshagiri Rao, Archaka Sangham leader I.S. Dikshithulu and others, at a press conference here on Friday, said that Mr. Vamana Rao was young and service-minded leader who had been a trade union leader in the municipal corporation for over two decades.

“He has chosen PRP and we appeal to that party to nominate him to contest the Visakhapatnam East seat. Our community will fully support him,” they said. 


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