Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 17 February 2009

Both TDP, Congress corrupt: PRP leader


Praja Rajyam spokesperson Vasireddy Padma on Monday said both the Congress and Telugu Desam parties were mired in corruption, for which they would have to pay a heavy price in the ensuing elections.

The PRP was bound to give the two major parties a befitting lesson and people were aware that theirs were mere public postures devoid of real achievements.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Ms Padma said PRP possessed enough strength to defeat the Congress and the grand alliance of TDP, TRS and Left parties. The Congress regime was replete with instances of squandering of people’s money in different forms. Many senior leaders of the ruling party were involved in scandals and they were once again shamelessly seeking a positive mandate.

The TDP was by no means a good party and it entered into an opportunistic alliance with TRS and Left parties with whom it crossed swords on various issues. All constituents of the ‘grand alliance’ have conflicting interests but they put up a show of unity just to share the spoils of power if they happened to score over the Congress and PRP. The PRP was explaining all these issues to the electorate, who might be under the impression that the Congress and other major parties would make their lives better. It (PRP) was truly committed to social justice which has been and would continue to be its mainstay irrespective of the changing ‘political seasons’. PRP leader P.V. Viswam and others spoke.


Praja Rajyam rally for common symbol


Praja Rajyam functionaries will take out a rally from the party office to the Collectorate on February 18 demanding allotment of a common symbol to party contestants, its district co-convenor V.P. Narayanaswamy said on Monday. Praja Rajyam would contest from 292 Assembly constituencies and would win 225 seats in the ensuing elections, Mr. Narayanaswamy said in a statement. Congress and TDP were obstructing allotment of common symbol to PR, he alleged. –


PR campaigns in Ashoknagar


Praja Rajyam functionaries canvassed from door to door and distributed party pamphlets in Ashoknagar area here on Monday.

PR leaders S.A. Khaleel Basha, B. Hariprasad, V.P. Narayanaswamy, Nazeer Ahmed, V.V. Chalapathi, N. Srinivasulu, Udayasri and P. Chandrasekhar called upon people and urged them to vote for the party which would bring out a desirable change.

They accused the government of failing to curb the rising prices and alleged that rates would increase manifold if Congress regains power.

The functionaries later organised community dining in the area. 


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