We are with tribals: Pavan Kalyan

Youths from Chhattisgarh also throng his meetings

Assures all help to tribals

Takes a dig at the government on implementation of welfare programmes

The Yuvarajyam Chief Pavan Kalyan talking to two ashram schoolgirls at Nimmalagudem in Bhadrachalam division

The Yuvarajyam Chief Pavan Kalyan talking to two ashram schoolgirls at Nimmalagudem in Bhadrachalam division on Thursday.


The Yuvarajyam chief, Pavan Kalyan had walked and danced hand in hand with the people from the tribal communities and devoted much of his time for understanding their problems during his tour in the remote villages of Poalavaram -hit Chintur and Kunavaram mandals on Thursday. Tribal youths from the neighbouring pockets in Chhattisgarh also thronged his meetings as he is the “star of some political importance” for them.

Addressing the road side meetings during his road show, he wanted the rehabilitation of the tribal communities affected by the Indirasagar to be

completed on priority before the project could come up. He assured the tribal communities that the Praja Rajyam would fight for their cause. No family should be left deprived because of the project. He said that the rehabilitation packages should have been implemented in the first phase, before executing the canals.

As he arrived in Yerrampet village by helicopter, there were more media persons than the party workers waiting for him. The crowds started swelling as he reached Chintur. Tribal youth from Kunta division of

( Dantewada district) Chhattisgarh too could make it to Chintur. He is of special attraction for us, no matter who wins the election, said a youth who greeted Pavan Kalyan holding the PRP flags aloft.

The Yuvarajyam leader said the PRP had equal concern for the tribes of Chhattisgarh and it would stand by them.

He had a dig at the government pointing out that though huge funds were being funnelled into the implementation of the tribal welfare programme,

only a small fragment of the benefits reach the genuine beneficiaries. He gave a patient listening to the tribal women at Nimmalagudem. They complained that the lands given to them were not of much use.

The implementation of the housing scheme had its own problems.

The cement and other construction materials were not given on time. 


PRP leader confident of party win


The prospects of Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) coming to power in the ensuing elections have been strengthened by the formation of the ‘grand alliance’ with TDP, TRS and Communists, particularly in Telangana region where PRP is perceived to be weak. Those who failed to secure the nominations of TDP and TRS are obviously looking at the PRP, according to its district spokesman and Cocanada Chamber of Commerce president Dantu Surya Rao.

Addressing media persons here on Thursday, Mr. Surya Rao said that the PRP would field its candidates in all 294 Assembly constituencies and it was well positioned to win at least 200 seats.

He exuded confidence that people would vote PRP which was committed to play the role of a ‘change agent’ whereas the major parties Congress and TDP have exposed the hollowness of their oft-repeated pro-poor slogans. Mr. Rao said the State government failed in controlling the prices of rice despite imposition of ban on exports. 


‘Congress copying everything from PR’

TV channel survey failed to capture people’s mood, says Chiranjeevi

Says selection of candidates will be finalised by the end of the month

‘Even sitting MLAs joined our party after resigning from Assembly’


Praja Rajyam will make all the difference in the politics of the State soon, party chief Chiranjeevi has said.

Talking to reporters at Allagadda on Thursday, he said the Praja Rajyam was delaying the finalisation of the manifesto as the Congress was copying everything from it. Whatever promised by him was implemented by the Congress, he said.

Mr. Chiranjeevi said though the CNN-IBN channel enjoyed the highest credibility, the poll survey of the channel failed to gauge mood of the people at the grassroots level.

He said the party would finalise the selection of candidates by the end of the month. There was delay on account of involvement of district conveners in the selection process, who were asked to gather information of potential candidates.

Dismisses claims

He dismissed the claims of the Mahakutami saying the parties had no common agenda and every party had its own policies and ideology.

People would not take seriously the opportunistic alliances, which were forged for electoral gains. Mr. Chiranjeevi hoped that the Election Commission would grant the common symbol to the party by the end of the month considering the strength of the party.

Within a month of the party’s birth, lakhs of people have joined it. Even the sitting MLAs resigned from the Assembly and joined the party.

To a question, Mr. Chiranjeevi clarified that the Praja Rajayam had no truck with the BJP or any other party except Nava Telengana Party.


Groupism comes to fore in Praja Rajyam


Group politics in Praja Rajyam Party came to the fore in Yellareddy constituency as the rivals in the party clashed with each other at the party office on Thursday.

There was utter confusion for sometime in the party office following the clash between rival groups led by Sai Bapu Rao and Vaddepalli Bapu Rao of Gandhari mandal raining blows on each other. Seeing the arrival of the police they stopped fighting, according to the information reaching here.

The party workers gathered in connection with the constituency meet which was scheduled to be attended by party spokesperson Parakala Prabhakar.


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