Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 13 February 2009

State lets down cotton farmers, says Chiru

Promises to provide 10 hours of quality power during day if voted to power




Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi


It was around noon on Thursday when the crowds, most of them coming from neighbouring villages, started assembling at the village square. Some of them looked worried as rumour mills went round that Chiranjeevi had some health problems and the Praja Ankita Yatra could be delayed.

Their fears were set aside as it was confirmed that Mr. Chiranjeevi had resumed his tour from Jillelamudi village and would be arriving in the village in about an hour. The crowds swelled by afternoon. Women climbed onto the buildings to reserve a vantage point, while the men held on to anything they could. However, the familiar sight of revved up youth moving on their bikes was absent.

The village, part of Ponnur Assembly Constituency, a TDP bastion for a long time, was merged into Prathipadu reserved constituency in the delimitation exercise leading to changed political equations. Assistant public prosecutor G. Shanta Kumar and K. Priyadarshini are vying for the PRP ticket here.

Irrigation projects

Convoy of vehicles rolled in and Mr. Chiranjeevi, though appeared a bit tired and sweat rolling onto his cheeks, took the mike and began to address the sparse crowds. “I was thinking that I would retire happily at the end of film career. But that was not to be, as you wanted me to enter public life to cleanse the dirt in the system,” he said amidst a deafening roar of applause.

He then launched a broadside against both the Congress and the TDP for the ruckus in Assembly. “Look at the issues that they are fighting for. One leader accuses the other of amassing wealth during his rule while the other points fingers at his son,” he added.

He targeted the State Government and alleged that it had turned a blind eye to the plight of cotton farmers, who had been at the mercy of brokers ever since the CCI had stopped procurement of cotton. Finding fault with the erratic power supply, he said that he would provide quality power for 10 hours during day with a 50 per cent concession.

He faulted the State Government for launching many large irrigation projects simultaneously and alleged that projects requiring ‘thousands of crores’ had been launched to corner cuts. “We too are for development but the development should suit our needs,” he rounded off.

Later, the yatra passed through Prathipadu, Edlapadu, Chilakaluripet before reaching Narsaraopet.


Anxiety over Chiru’s health condition


Anxious moments were witnessed here on Thursday morning after television news channels flashed the news that the blood pressure of Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi had gone down and would impact his yatra.

But the reports turned out to be baseless after doctors attending on the star clarified that his B.P. and temperature were normal. A team of doctors led by Mr. Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law, a Hyderabad-based personal physician, M. Venkateswara Rao, had been attending on him for the last four days. A doctor accompanying the actor said that slight fluctuations in the blood pressure was normal during the course of a long tour.

The PR president prevents dehydration by regular intake of water, butter milk and coconut water, though the doctors had been urging him to avoid butter milk. “There is nothing to worry,” he said. 


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