Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 06 February 2009

Chiru tour boosts party leaders’ morale


The four-day road shows of the Praja Rajyam party chief Chiranjeevi from Februarty 1 to 4 in the district boosted the morale of the party leaders and activists as there were milling crowds everywhere along his route from Baswapur to Sadasivnagar where he concluded the tour.


Youth, particularly students ran along his convoy in frenzy and girls, women and housewives welcomed him with cheerful faces standing rooftops. Happiness writ large on their faces as soon as they saw the matinee idol turned politician and lustily waved hands. On the first and second days the road shows were successful more than the expectations of the PR functionaries. In the Kamareddy, once the strong hold of Telangana Rashtra Samithi the Ganj was packed with people waiting to have the glimpse of megastar.


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