Chiranjeevi – English News Paper Articles on 03 february 2009

Chiranjeevi may contest from two places

‘Mummidivaram residents want me to contest to check the plundering of natural gas by RIL

: PR chief Chiranjeevi waves out to the milling crowds in Banswada in Nizamabad district

PR chief Chiranjeevi waves out to the milling crowds in Banswada in Nizamabad district


BICHKUNDA (Nizamabad Dt.):

Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi said that he was toying with the idea of contesting the Assembly elections from two constituencies. Tirupati is under active consideration, while another constituency is yet to be chosen, he told a press conference here, a remote village in Jukkal constituency, on Monday.

The PR chief said that public requests had been pouring in from Nalgonda and Mummidivaram in East Godavari district. “People want me to be in the fray from these places to address local issues. People from Mummidivaram want me to contest to contain the plundering of natural gas by Reliance,” he said.

Confident on verdict

Replying a query, he asserted that there would be no hung Assembly and that people would give a clear verdict in favour of the Praja Rajyam. The PR would field candidates in all 294 constituencies, he said.

Mr. Chirajeevi ruled out an alliance with the BJP, saying the PR was a secular party. “I can’t make out why this question is being repeatedly asked despite our clarification.” He dismissed the question of having a “clandestine” understanding with the BJP in some constituencies.

He stated that there was no possibility of an alliance with the TRS even if it severs ties with the “mahakootami” and comes back to the PR. “We will not entertain a wavering party.”

Question to YSR

When his attention was drawn to Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s allegations that he (Chiranjeevi) had done nothing for his native village Mogalturu, he shot back: “Let him say what he did for his birthplace, Balapanur, before becoming an MLA and the Opposition leader and subsequently the Chief Minister.” What all he did was only for Pulivendula.

Mr. Chiranjeevi said if the PR comes to power, he would order an inquiry into the irregularities in ‘Jalayagnam’ works and projects which were not viable would be shelved. Only those which were really required would be continued.


Strongly reacting to the sarcastic remarks by major political parties against the Praja Rajyam that the party has no “rangu”, “ruchi” and “vaasana” Mr. Chiranjeevi admitted at Banswada, “Yes! Our party has no colour, taste and smell, because it is as pure as drinking water which doesn’t have these properties.”

Not naming any leader or political party who made these comments, he said only those who changed their colours like a chameleon as often as they required for political expediency had made these remarks. “Our party has no taste as it doesn’t know the taste of corruption. It has no smell and only those parties which attacked it with such baseless remarks stink,” he retorted.

Impressed by the crowds that gathered on the either side of the road and on rooftops in this town located in the agriculturally rich part of the district, he said people were disappointed by the leaders in government who were plundering the public exchequer in the name of construction of projects. “How will they construct all the projects at a time,” the PR chief asked. Projects must be constructed as per their necessity and in a phased manner at places where they are really needed,” he maintained.

Referring to the Singur project, he said water shortage for irrigation in the district would be solved only when its water was completely diverted to the Nizamsagar project and the Praja Rajyam would strive for this. 


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