Chiranjeevi – Deccan Chronicle News Paper Articels on 02 November 2008

Chiru criticises job cuts



Praja Rajyam (PR) president Chiranjeevi sought to strike an emotional chord with the coal miners of Singareni collieries saying he was also a kala karmikudu (worker of art) like them (nalla suryulu or black suns) and vowed to protect their jobs threatened by mechanisation.

Chiranjeevi addressed a series of roadshows in Godavarikhani, Centenary Colony, Kamanpur and other areas in the coal belt in an effort to muster the support of the coal miners as part of Praja Ankitha yatra on Saturday. He also paid floral tributes to the memorials of the coal miners who were killed in mine mishaps in 7 LEP and 8-A underground mines in the past.

Earlier, addressing a roadshow in Godavarikhani, Chiranjeevi alleged that the work force was reduced from about 1.10 lakh to 60,000 in the Singareni collieries due to the vigorous implementation of the mechanisation policies at the cost of the human resources. “Modernisation is inevitable but not at the cost of the jobs of the workers”, he said and added that the PR would accord top priority for human resources. Terming the coal miners as nalla suryulu engaged in exploration of nalla bangaram (coal) under most dangerous working conditions, he alleged that the government was collecting income tax from them as if they are white-collar employees. “It is most unjustified and the PR will exert pressure on the Central government to exempt you from the income tax,” he asserted.

You are prone to occupational hazards like lung related disorders but deprived of modern medicare facilities, he said. “I had enough of cinemas and I will now devote my entire time to serve you,” Chiranjeevi said.  He alleged that the Ramagundam-based FCI urea factory remained closed even as the farmers faced shortage of fertilisers due to the apathy of the government.

The government should immediately revive the FCI and set up Singareni mining university in Godava-rikhani, he demanded.  Youth, mainly the school students, were seen in large numbers at all the road shows of Chiranjeevi in the coal belt.

Chiranjeevi – Times of India News Paper Articels on 02 November 2008

Mega support for T stand


Big Crowd Cheers Chiru for Extending Support to T Cause




After announcing his party’s support for the separate State demand, Prajarajyam Party president Chiranjeevi received a tremendous response in the district on Saturday.


Chiranjeevi, who began this third day of Praja Ankita Yatra from the coal town of Godavarikhani, found his convy thronged by hundreds of people and their sudden repeated cheers over his support to Telangana. But TRS and BJP activists tried to play spoilsport by surfacing at the yatra and demanding that he make a “more” clear statement on the Telangana issue.


Responding to their demand, the actor-turned-politician said he was clear and transparent in his views and his party’s stand on the issue.


“I have made it very clear that the Prajarajyam Party would go by the aspirations of the people and would accept the formation of the separate state. It would not halt the process in no way,” he told the protesters.


Chiranjeevi then thanked the TRS and BJP activists for joining him with their party flags during his ankita yatra. “Only those people who are not clear on their demand for the separate State will find fault with our stand on the separate state issue,” he said.


Later, Chiranjeevi paid tributes to the coal workers who died in coal mines accidents and demanded the government to improve the working conditions of the coal workers.


“There is also disparity in their work and wages they get. My party, if voted to power, would suitably increase their wages and would give them more honour in their work,” Chiranjeevi added.


Chiranjeevi said that the root cause of many problems was corruption and promised to fight against the corruption in all spheres.


“Only low level employees who take Rs 5,000 or less bribes are being caught and punished, while those taking hundreds of crores are going scot-free,” he said. In all, Chiranjeevi addressed eight meetings in the district including Sultanabad and Karimnagar towns.



Cong, TDP poll surveys predict Chirudoom




Internal surveys by the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party apparently seem to claim that Chiranjeevi may draw crowds, but would not be able to transform them into votes. Reliable sources in the two major political parties say that the Congress survey points to the ruling party getting at least 137 seats, while the TDP survey points to N Chandrababu Naidu’s party getting around 140 seats.


However, the respective surveys seem to say that the entry of Chiranjeevi has voters polarised on caste basis, particularly in Krishna, East and West Godavari districts. According to the TDP survey, Kapus (including the sub-castes like Balijas, etc) constitute about 22 per cent of the total population, but it is unlikely that Chiranjeevi would get all the votes of his community.


“Chiranjeevi has die-hard fans in the Congress and the TDP, as has been indicated by the crowds that he attracted in the north coastal region, but our survey indicates that all this will not transform into votes for him,” said TDP parliamentary party leader K Yerranaidu.


Both the surveys also seem to warn the respective parties that first-time voters will be attracted to Chiranjeevi. Because of the entry of Chiranjeevi, the surveys indicate that Kammas, who constitute about nine per cent of the state’s population, prefer the TDP as their first choice and, ironically, Congress as their second. Reddys, who constitute about eight per cent of the population, appear to prefer the Congress as their first choice and, again, ironically, the TDP as their second preference.


Women, the Backward Classes and upper castes, have been found by the surveys as ‘undecided’ and possibly tilt towards Chiranjeevi. Hence the surveys command the Congress and the TDP to immediately focus on these sections.


The TDP survey sees price rise, alleged corruption in irrigation and housing projects as going against the Congress, while the ruling party survey points to same development schemes, rural employment guarantee scheme, the Rs. 2-akg rice scheme and ‘pavlavaddi’ as the sops that would fetch the party the 137 seats.


However, both the surveys left a margin of 30 to 40 seats either way depending on the possible alliances that can materialise between the Congress on the one side and the TDP on the other. “The TRS, T Devender Goud and the Left parties will have a say on these 30 to 40 seats depending on which of the two main parties they sail along with,” said one leader.





Cong survey gives the party 137 sure seats while TDP survey claims the party will win in 140.

          Both surveys wary of first-time voters’ tilt to the actor.

Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 02 November 2008

Chiru all out to woo youth, women


Praja Rajyam party president Chiranjeevi greeting the people during the ‘Praja Ankitha Yatra’ in Godavarikhani town in Karimnagar on Saturday.

‘Mega’ response: Praja Rajyam party president Chiranjeevi greeting the people during the ‘Praja Ankitha Yatra’ in Godavarikhani town in Karimnagar on Saturday.


Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi on Saturday went all out to woo youth and women and drew their attention by telling them how he would improve their lot if his party came to power.

On the third day of his ‘Praja Ankitha Yatra’ in Telangana , he was enthused by the large turnout of women all through his tour, right from Ramagundam, at roadside meetings and till Karimnagar town.

At one place, he was greeted by flag-waving followers of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the Left parties. Acknowledging their presence, he conveyed his greetings to them and expressed solidarity with their parties.

He reminded youth of their potential and how they could change their lives and society for the better, if only their resources were channelised properly, especially in rooting out corruption.

Mr. Chiranjeevi drew applause from women when he repeated his usual line of how he was being termed as being partial to women. “Yes, I do not mind admitting that the PRP has a special place for women. You will find how focussed we are about development with women as the centre when we come out with our manifesto,” he said.

The Praja Rajyam president travelled through Ramagundam, Manthani, Peddapalli and Karimnagar Assembly constituencies and also visited a coal mine near Godavari Khani.

At a press conference later, party leader Kotagiri Vidyadhar Rao and Core Committee member Dr. P. Vinay Kumar dared Minister Sabita Indra Reddy for a debate on what the Congress Government had done to improve the lot of weavers in Sircilla and what the PRP proposed to do.

They were replying to her criticism that the PR president did not know anything about the weavers’ problems and that there was nothing in the party’s ‘Sircilla Declaration’ that Mr. Chiranjeevi released on Thursday. Mr. Rao said it was unbecoming of a Minister to stoop to such levels while criticising the president of a political party that was already creating waves.


Warangal decked up for Chiru yatra

Supporters vie with each other in putting up banners

Aspirants book some important junctions in advance for putting up banners

They feature themselves more prominently than their leader Chiranjeevi


The tri-cities are Hanamkonda, Warangal and Kazipet were decked up for the Praja Ankita Yatra of the actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi, who begins his tour in the district on Sunday.

It was riot of flexi banners, and posters all over the city and all along the Hasanparthy-Hanamkonda route. Flexi boards were erected to all the electric poles and street corners.

Huge banners and posters were put up at every possible space all over by the aspirants of the party to attract the attention of their leader.

Ticket aspirants and the new entrants into the party were vying with each other in putting up the banners all over the city and leaders booked some important junctions in advance.

All this mad rush for the banners of all sorts is simply to get a glimpse of their leader, who passed that way, and get his recognition for their “active” part in the Praja Rajyam Party.

As there were too many aspirants for each of the constituency, it turned out to be a free for all type publicity show.

In almost all the banners, the aspirants featured themselves prominently if not more than their leader, Mr Chiranjeevi.

         As the colourful flexi banners were coming at a low cost like as low as at Rs. 300 each for the big ones and Rs. 100 for smaller ones, leaders preferred to order hundreds of computer printed flexi banners.

Chiranjeevi – Times of India News Paper Articels on 01 November 2008

Chiru chants T mantra


Says PRP Will Support Separate State

Prajarajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi displays paddy bundles presented to him during his road show in Jagtiyal on Friday

GREEN SALUTE: Prajarajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi displays paddy bundles presented to him during his road show in Jagtiyal on Friday



Playing to the gallery, Chiranjeevi has also joined the T bandwagon chanting ‘Jai Telangana’ and making it clear that his Prajarajyam party would also support the formation of a separate state.


Making the muchawaited policy announcement, which is set to impact the political equations in the state ahead of the 2009 Assembly elections, Chiranjeevi, however, lobbed the T ball into Centre’s court. Addressing a well-attended crowd here on Friday, the PRP president said his party would not oppose the formation of separate Telangana if the Centre moves the Bill.


Ending the suspense over his party’s stand on the vexed issue, he said the people of the region were overwhelmingly in favour of a separate state. “But it is for the Centre to take a decision and our party will not be an obstacle to its formation,” he said amidst cheers from the crowd during the second leg of his road show in the Telangana heartland. Analysts said Chiranjeevi chose Jagityal to make the announcement since it falls under the Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency represented by TRS strongman K Chandrasekhar Rao.


He said the Telangana region had suffered decades of neglect and discrimination at the hands of successive governments. “If you are convinced that creation of a separate state will ensure rapid development, I am with you,” he said.


Expressing a word of caution, Chiranjeevi said his party was all for a ‘social’ Telangana where social justice would be rendered to the under-privileged. He said Telangana was not a backward region, but it was pushed into backwardness by canny politicians. He, however, made it clear that his party would not ‘exploit’ the T sentiment for political gains.


Chiranjeevi also took potshots at the ruling Congress for supporting the separate Telangana cause in the initial stages and going back on its promise after coming to power in the state and at the Centre. Challenging the YSR government’s claims on the development of the region, he said Telangana made progress only on the fronts of hunger, poverty, and suicides of farmers and weavers.


He exhorted the people to question the ruling party leaders for going back on their promise of carving a separate state and told them to elect genuine leaders who would voice the sentiments of the region in the legislative bodies at the state and the Centre.


Analysts said PRP’s support would further strengthen separate Telangana cause. The TDP has already made a ‘U’ turn and announced its support for the T cause in the hope of striking an alliance with the TRS. While the CPM continues to oppose bifurcation of the state, the other left party, CPI, is favourably inclined to the separate state.


Earlier, Chiranjeevi began his second day tour of his ‘Praja Ankita Yatra’ from Korutla. He promised to help the beedi workers after coming to power.




Chiru’s relative next mayor of Vijayawada, Lagadapati opposes




In all likelihood, Prajarajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi’s distant relative M Ratna Bindu would become the Vijayawada city mayor as the Congress party’s nominee ahead of the next general election.


The incumbent mayor Mallika Begum will quit her job at the special meeting of the council on Saturday.


The two-year term of Mallika Begum came to an end on Friday and she has decided to honour the agreement reached before her election.


Begum would leave the council immediately after placing her resignation before the general body for its approval. The deputy mayor would preside for a shortwhile to make the council’s decision public and adjourn the meeting.


The State Election Commission (SEC) after getting the confirmation letter from the district collector would decide the date for the next meeting. Sources said that it would take another 15-20 days time for conducting the mayoral election.


Meanwhile, the local MP Rajagopal is reportedly lobbying with the chief minister Rajasekhara Reddy and PCC chief D Srinivas to prevent Ratna Bindu from occupying the chair. His contention is that Ratna Bindu might shift loyalties to Chiranjeevi just before the elections, which could jeopardize the interests of the Congress.


However, city legislators Vangaveeti Radhakrishna, Devineni Nehru and city Congress president P Sominaidu are all in favour of Ratna Bindu. She is a nephew of Allu Aravind, brother-in-law of Chiranjeevi.


Two years ago, the Congress nominated Mallika Begum to the post of mayor when the CPI’s Tadi Sakunthala resigned after completion of one year in the office. The CPI, CPM and Congress fought municipal elections jointly with an understanding that the left parties should share first two years leaving the remaining three years to the Congress.

Chiranjeevi – Deccan Chronicle News Paper Articels on 01 November 2008

Chiranjeevi is cat on T-wall



The Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi stated on Friday that he would not come in the way of statehood for Telangana. 

Releasing his party’s statement, Chiranjeevi was evasive when it came to specifying whether his party would do anything to achieve a separate state. Instead, he put the onus on the Centre. 

Analysts see this as a ploy to forge alliances with Telangana parties without losing the support of voters in Andhra, among whom Chiranjeevi has more clout.

The megastar stated his nuanced approach to the vexed issue during his Praja Ankitha Yatra at Jagatial, a Congress citadel.

He criticised the Congress for its “betrayal” of the people of Telangana since 1969. In an indirect reference to the Congress president, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, he alleged that those leaders who wore kanduvas of Telangana activists and sought a mandate on the statehood issue failed to achieve anything in the last four years.


Congress T-men hail PR decision


Chiranjeevi’s support for separate Telangana has boosted the morale of Telangana Congress leaders. While many Congress leaders expressed their joy over the new development in private, senior Congress leader and the APSRTC chairman, Mr M. Satyanarayana Rao, was not convinced. He said that Chiranjeevi should spell out his party’s stand directly without leaning on the Centre. “If he is for Telangana, he should say as directly as done by the Telugu Desam,” he said.


Desam will support T-Bill


With Chiranjeevi touring north Telangana region, the Telugu Desam went one step further on the separate Telangana issue. It announced that if the state government introduces a resolution in favour of Telangana statehood in the Assembly, the TD would support it.

The TD Parliamentary party leader, Mr K. Yerrannaidu, along with senior party leaders, Mr Kalva Srinivasulu, and Mr G. Butchaiah Choudary, told mediapersons at NTR Bhavan on Friday that the party was firmly committed to the formation of a separate Telangana.

“As all the political parties are now for a separate state, the onus lies on the Centre for carving out Telangana. If the Centre introduces a Bill in support of Telangana in the Parliament, the TD will vote for it,” he added.

He asked the state government to take up a resolution urging the Centre to carve Telangana in the Assembly, for which the TD would extend its support. If the ruling party did not take a favourable decision towards Telangana, the TD would pass a resolution demanding separate statehood as soon as it assumed power, he added.

Interestingly the TD announced these decision just minutes before the PR chief’s statement on the issue. Political observers see this as TD’s political strategy to woo the Telangana Rastra Samiti for pre-poll alliance, as it was reportedly leaning towards the PR.


PR chief faulted on weavers


The Congress Legislature Party on Friday criticised the Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi for his “double talk” on the problems of weavers. “Chiranjeevi has said nothing new in Sircilla,” said the minister for mines, Ms Sabita Indra Reddy.

“He has no idea of the weavers’ problems or of the schemes launched by the Congress government. In fact he is promising to implement the existing schemes.” The minister pointed out that the state government had taken up several schemes for the welfare of weavers.  “We are providing subsidised and daylong electricity to powerloom units while Chiranjeevi has promised free power for only seven hours,” Ms Sabita said.

The Atmakur MLA, Mr E. Pratap Reddy and the MLC, Mr K. Janardhan Reddy, also criticised Chiru for not acknowledging the welfare measures undertaken by the government.