Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 23 December 2008

Chiranjeevi claims space of third alternative in State

Says ruling party, Opposition worried about Praja Rajyam’s entry into the political arena

Change is need of the hour and I will show it: PR chief

Urges people to place their trust in his commitment

An elderly woman blessing Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi during his Praja Ankita Sabha in Patancheru on Monday.

Golden words: An elderly woman blessing Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi during his Praja Ankita Sabha in Patancheru on Monday.



Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi here on Monday claimed that they were the third alternative to the ruling party and the Opposition in the State.

The PR president, for the first time, claimed the space for the third alternative in the State, a slot which was hitherto claimed by the Left parties. Addressing Praja Ankita Sabha meetings at Patancheru and Sangareddy, the first in the series in Medak district, Mr. Chiranjeevi said that both the ruling party and the Opposition were worried about the entry of another party into the political arena and were not in a position to digest this.

Stating that change was the need of the hour, he claimed that this was possible and he could show it indeed.

“Your Chiranjeevi has no regional differences. My life is dedicated to the people,” he said emotionally urging people to have belief in his sincerity and commitment. Referring to the success of his road shows in Coastal Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema, the PR president said that those who were unhappy over the success of his yatras had approached the court and got a stay on the road shows, which he would abide by, he said.

Touches on pollution

Trying to identify himself with the local issues, Mr. Chiranjeevi compared the pollution in the district to that of the corruption in politics. “You are experiencing the worst form of pollution in the district. The corruption of the public representatives led to the pollution. Remove the pollution in politics by allowing fresh water,” he urged the people, suggesting them not to get carried away by the schemes being announced by the government.

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NTP refutes reports of seat sharing with PR


The Nava Telangana Party (NTP) has dismissed as a figment of imagination reports in a section of the press that its leaders T. Devender Goud and E. Peddi Reddy discussed the number of seats that the party would like to contest during their meeting with Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi on Sunday.

A press release of NTP said there was no reference to seats in the discussions with Chiranjeevi. Mr. Goud and Mr. Reddy called on Chiranjeevi with the sole objective of complimenting him for striving for social justice in Telangana.


Pavan Kalyan to tour Karimnagar


Pavan Kalyan, the film star and president of Yuva Rajyam,will be touring Karimnagar district from December 26 to 30 to cheer up the spirits of the rank and file of the party and rope in the energies of the fans for the party.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan would be addressing meetings with the student community and public meetings during his visit.


Praja Rajyam leader distributes clothes


          Praja Rajyam Party leader K. Nagendra Babu has distributed clothes and other material to the physically-challenged students here. Books and other material were donated by Vegnesa Kanaka Raju and Kalavakolanu Tulasi Rao. Party leaders Kudipudi Suryanarayana Rao and K.P.N. Prasad attended the programme.

Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 22 December 2008

Devender Goud meets Chiranjeevi

Two parties to work together on issues of common interest

Nava Telangana Party leaders T. Devender Goud and E. Peddi Reddy greeting PR president Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Coming closer: Nava Telangana Party leaders T. Devender Goud and E. Peddi Reddy greeting PR president Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad on Sunday.



Nava Telangana Party (NTP) president T. Devender Goud on Sunday called on his Praja Rajyam counterpart Chiranjeevi, apparently to explore the possibility of forging an alliance between the two parties for the Assembly elections.

Accompanied by his senior colleague, E. Peddi Reddy, Mr. Goud held consultations with the PR leader at the Praja Rajyam office for nearly one-and-a-half hours. At the end of the talks, the NTP president told mediapersons that they did not discuss alliances as there was no urgency in it since elections were far away. He came down to express solidarity with Chiranjeevi for his stand on Telangana and social justice.

Merger move denied

Mr. Goud denied any move to merge NTP with Praja Rajyam and said the parties decided to work together on issues where they shared common ground. Otherwise, the parties would pursue their respective programmes on their own.

Welcoming the talks for an alliance between the Praja Rajyam and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), Mr. Goud appealed to the TRS to take them to their logical conclusion. The NTP would not give room for a dispute on the number of seats to be contested. In response to questions from reporters, Mr. Goud advised them to observe patience as it was not the end of the day between the NTP and Praja Rajyam.

‘Talks to continue’

Mr. Chiranjeevi said the meeting with Mr. Goud did not mean calling off talks with the TRS. They would continue. He described Mr. Goud as an experienced leader with whom he enjoyed a good rapport even before the Praja Rajyam took birth. Mr. Goud met him to offer his best wishes.

Meanwhile, the official spokesman of Praja Rajyam V.G.R. Naragoni convened a meeting of his supporters separately in the background of reports that he was distancing himself from the party. Mr. Naragoni said he was trying to mount pressure on the party to do justice to the Backward Classes in the distribution of tickets but Chiranjeevi warned him that he was liable to disciplinary action.


Chiranjeevi to tour Medak from December 22


The three-day visit of Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi would commence from December 22 in Medak district.

This would be his second visit to the district. The actor turned politician had community lunch at SIngannagudem during his first leg of the tour in the district.

Beginning at BHEL at 1 p.m. on December 22, he would be addressing four meetings at Patancheru, Sangareddy and Zaheerabad. Night stay would be at Zaheerabad followed by a press conference the following day and a visit to the Vinayaka temple at Rechintal.

Public meetings

On December 23, Chiranjeevi will address public meetings at Narayanakhed, Jogipet, Medak and Narasapur. He will leave for Hyderabad the same day and begin his next day visit from Gajwel and cover Siddipet and Dubbaka. Though PR is confident of pulling crowds to the meetings , the question is how strong it would be at areas like Siddipet , the strong hold of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the home town of its president K. Chandrasekhara Rao. “Our success in the region will depend on how best we can present ourselves in Siddipet. If we are able to do that, it is sure that we will cross one of the major hurdles and create confidence among the people in Telangana region,” said a Praja Rajyam party leader.

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Vangaveeti Radha joins PR

Entry of Congress legislator reflects party’s growing popularity: Chiru

Vangaveeti Radhakrishna trains his guns on Congress MLA Devineni Rajasekhar

‘Congress leadership is biased towards a few individuals to whom it grants benefits’

Legislator Vangaveeti Radhakrishna being greeted by Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad on Sunday. Also seen is party youth winging president Pavan Kalyan.

New innings: Legislator Vangaveeti Radhakrishna being greeted by Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad on Sunday. Also seen is party youth winging president Pavan Kalyan.


The Congress MLA of Vijayawada (East) Vangaveeti Radhakrishna on Sunday resigned from the party and joined the Praja Rajyam in the presence of its president Chiranjeevi.

Mr. Radhakrishna trained his guns on another Congress MLA from Krishna district Devineni Rajasekhar while announcing his decision to join the Praja Rajyam at its office here.

He told mediapersons that the Congress leadership is biased towards a few individuals to whom it grants benefits. Mr. Rajasekhar is also among them, he alleged.

Incidentally, the bitter rivalry between Mr. Radhakrishna and Mr. Rajasekhar spilled over on the floor of Assembly earlier this year.

A land dispute between them triggered an angry outburst from Mr. Radhakrishna in the House.

Youngest legislator

Son of former Congress MLA Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga who was hacked to death by his political rivals in Vijayawada in 1988, Mr. Radhakrishna was the youngest legislator to be elected to the present term of Assembly in 2004.

He said he endured pain even as the Congress took decisions that went against him. The Congress leadership overlooked him though his father made supreme sacrifice for the party, he said.

Chiranjeevi said the entry of Mr. Radhakrishna into Praja Rajyam reflects the growing popularity of the party after its youth wing – Yuva Rajyam – was activated.

Close relationship

He added that he was closely associated with Mohana Ranga until the latter’s death. Ranga used to watch his film shootings at locations as far as Jammu and Kashmir and often praised his hard work that helped him make a career in films on his own, Chiranjeevi added.

He also said Ranga advised him to enter politics at a stage when he had not even turned his attention to it.

The bond between his and Ranga’s family is once again built with Mr. Radhakrishna joining the party, he said.

Botcha reacts

Meanwhile, Housing Minister Botcha Satyanarayana said Mr. Radhakrishna could have resigned out of insecurity of not getting party ticket to contest the next Assembly elections.

“Merely because a person quits the Congress does not mean that the party’s vote bank will erode. We may lose one vote or gain 1,000 votes because of the departure of some leaders,” the Minister remarked.


Yuva Rajyam expanded


Pavan Kalyan, president of Yuva Rajyam, the youth wing of Praja Rajyam, on Sunday expanded his organisation by inducting Raju Ravitej as the vice-president, Shravan Kumar as general secretary and Nilesh as political advisor. While a graduate of London School of Economics Pramod Mamidi was the director of Yuva Rajyam Learning Centre.


Praja Rajyam leaders upbeat

MLA’s move sends followers into celebration mode

A follower of Vijayawada East MLA Vangaveeti Radhakrishna arranging a Praja Rajyam Party flag on the statue of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao in Vijayawada on Sunday.

New order: A follower of Vijayawada East MLA Vangaveeti Radhakrishna arranging a Praja Rajyam Party flag on the statue of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao in Vijayawada on Sunday.


Without much hype, Congress MLA Vangaveeti Radhakrishna joined the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) in Hyderabad on Sunday, triggering instant celebration by his followers, who hoisted PRP flags on the statues of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga in various places.


Immediately after Mr. Radhakrishna joined the PRP in the presence of Chiranjeevi in the party headquarters at 10 a.m., scores of the Vijayawada East MLA’s followers gathered near the Ranga statue near Raghavaiah Park here and started raising slogans in favour of the MLA’s latest move. “Ranga johar,” “Radha jindabad,” “Chiranjeevi jindabad” – the slogans rent the air near the statue, located close to the MLA’s residence.

The PRP leaders are in an upbeat mood over the entry of Mr. Radhakrishna into the party fold, as this is expected to increase their strength substantially not just in the city, but also in Guntur, West and East Godavari districts. Already, many followers of Mr. Radhakrishna in these places have joined the PRP and they are expected to strengthen his leadership within the party in the coming days. Mr. Radhakrishna is stated to be close to Mr. Pawan Kalyan, who has taken an active role in the PRP as brother of Mr. Chiranjeevi. The PRP circles say that it is the closeness to Mr. Pawan that has finally brought the Congress MLA into the PRP fold. There is speculation that Mr. Radhakrishna will become an important leader for Kapus within the PRP in the Coastal districts. PRP senior leader Boppana Bhava Kumar, who has been active since the beginning in PRP city activities, asserts that it is a welcome development that Mr. Radhakrishna has joined their party. He says that many corporators owing allegiance to Mr. Radhakrishna are expected to follow suit sooner or later. The PRP leaders in the city feel that their party’s strength will significantly increase at the field level and this will help increase the chances for future growth. Scores of leaders and cadres poured into the PRP office in Road No. 5 route on hearing about Mr. Radhakrishna’s entry. Even the local PRP leaders have no idea about the possible entry of Mr. Radhakrishna today.

The reason for keeping it a closely-guarded secret is stated to be that the MLA wants to avoid any last-minute pressure from the ruling party side to convince him not to take a hasty decision. The speculation is that Mr. Radhakrishna has been toying with the idea of switching over to the PRP for a long time. One view is that he has waited till the last minute due to several unfinished tasks, which included making Ms. Ratna Bindu Mayor of the city.

Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 21 December 2008

‘PRP committed to serving the poor’


K.Nagendra Babu, State Praja Rajyam Party leader, on Saturday said the party was founded to serve poor and weaker sections, including minatory communities. Addressing a press conference, he said there was no need for PRP to have alliance with other parties in elections. The party would constitute Assembly constituency committees. Dr. K. P. N. Prasad, district leader, and G. Suryanarayana were also present.

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Chiru fans go berserk

Protest against newly-constituted district committee

Fans upset over ‘inefficient leaders’ being awarded party posts

Ransack party office, damage furniture and attack joint convenor


Enraged fans of Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi vented ire at the ‘injustice’ done to them in the formation of the district committees, by ransacking the party office, damaging furniture and attacking joint convenor R.V. Rao on Saturday.

Over 300 fans gathered at the PR office here to express their anger against the newly-constituted committee.

T. Chandrasekhar and G. Manohar, Chiranjeevi Yuvata president and secretary, respectively, while talking to the media earlier, regretted that inefficient leaders who did not enrol even 200 persons as members were awarded party posts. Making it clear that they would not accept this committee, they alleged that party leaders P. Mitra, P. Vinay and Noor Jahan inducted their favourites in the committee by ignoring the sincere workers. Immediately after the press conference, fans went on a rampage. They announced that no one would be allowed into the office till the committee was scrapped.

Later, convenor of the new committee B. Janardhan and joint convenor Amarender took R.V. Rao to the police station to lodge a complaint against those who had attacked him. On coming to know of this, the fans rushed to police station where both the groups traded charges at each other. Police booked cases against both groups.

Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 20 December 2008

PR presses panic button

Leaders go into a huddle over poor turnout at meetings


The less-than-expected turnout of people at Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi’s public meetings in Nalgonda district on Thursday has sent the party into a tizzy; with campaign managers having brainstorming sessions to fix what went wrong.

Soon after his public meeting at Pochampalli village on Thursday evening, the party chief drove to his office and sat through a two-hour meeting with party leaders to review the situation. Mr. Kotagiri Vidyadhar Rao and another leader Korivi Vinay Kumar were made responsible for the arrangements for the public meetings in Medak district from December 22.

Local leaders were also responsible for the poor turnout as they did precious little to motivate people to attend the meeting.

They include those who consider themselves as strong aspirants for the party ticket and publicized their names on huge flex boards along with those of Mr. Chiranjeevi.

Party leaders admit that the damage was caused by their over-confidence that people would flock to the meeting just by announcing the megastar’s arrival.

Widespread unrest

Senior leaders felt that the absence of crowds was also due to the delay in appointing district committees and the absence of a strong and committed party cadre. Compounding the party’s woes was that even in those districts were committees were named a fortnight ago, there was widespread unrest.

Meanwhile, last minute measures taken for the Praja Rajyam president’s meetings in Nalgonda district on Friday appeared to pay dividends as there was a good turnout in Choutuppal, Yellareddyguda, Nakrekal and Suryapet on Friday.


PR leaders visit village


Praja Rajyam party leader Naga Babu visited the fishermen community villages in Vidavaluru mandal in the district on Friday.


Chiranjeevi fans up in arms

Protest against being ignored in formation of district units


Announcement of Praja Rajyam district committee sparked off a storm of protest among fans of Chiranjeevi who have been working since the inception party.

Expressing their strong protest, they went on a rampage and flung chairs and pulled down the flexi of Chiranjivi at the party’s district office saying that they were totally dissatisfied. They locked the office and slipped out of the scene with key.

Though nobody is openly opposing the appointment of a Muslim minority as the party’s district convener, they have reservations about the abilities of H.M. Ismail to do the job.

Some like senior advocate M. Rajender Reddy and Bingi Mohan, fans district leader, felt that they had been sidelined and new leaders, who had joined recently, were given place in the committee.

The former legislator T. Arunatara is reportedly hurt as she has been made joint convener.

Observers are of the view that the exercise of the PR leadership to observe social justice by making a minority as the district convener had “boomeranged”.

Place for rich

Followers of Bingi Mohan openly criticised the leadership saying that only the “rich and affluent” were accommodated in the name of social justice.

“Late N.T. Rama Rao, during the formation of Telugu Desam, had not used the services of fans. But Chiranjeevi’s fans stood by him from very beginning and took up every activity. They were, however, given a raw deal,” maintained one of the prominent persons in the party pleading anonymity.

“We donated blood responding to the call given by our hero. We want to see our matinee idol as Chief Minister, but the much-awaited committee indicated that he could not fulfil the dream of his fans,” said Srinivasa Chary and Santhose.

Sources in the party, meanwhile, said the party leadership considered the Ismail’s candidature only after it made in vain efforts to bring the former Minister Basheerudding Babukhan into the party and make him as district convener.

Furore at swearing-in

Warangal Staff Reporter writes: Fans of Mr. Chiranjeevi created furore at the swearing-in ceremony of the newly constituted district body. They alleged that those with money power were managing to get positions in the district unit, while real workers were left out.

The activists, led by Katherashala Laxmikanth, Gaineni Rajan and some women took the party in-charges to task and demanded them to change the party body.

They accused the leaders Jannu Jakaraiah and Jalli Siddhaiah and others for manipulating things in their favour depriving the genuine workers an opportunity.

“The party should not constitute ad hoc committee with 32 members. Instead, it should set up a permanent body like in other districts,” said Laxmi Kanth.

Hotelier Gaineni Rajan said that he had spent Rs. 20 lakh for promoting the party but was not given due recognition.

Later, the newly constituted body took oath after sending the agitating activists out of the party office.


PR manifesto panel gets down to business


The rising prices of essential commodities, poor quality and insufficient supply of Rs. 2-a-kg rice were some of the major complaints lodged by residents of Nandigam, a remote and interior village of Navipet mandal, with the Praja Rajyam Party manifesto sub-committee led by senior leader Ch. Harirama Jogaiah.

The villagers pointed out to the loopholes in the implementation of rice scheme, Indiramma housing scheme besides indiscriminate supply of liquor, lack of transport facilities and red-tapism.

“We are regularly given rice from fair price shop. But, what we are getting is not sufficient and we have to shell out more money for purchase of additional quantity of rice from the open market. Besides, we are also not satisfied with the quality,” says Narsubai.

Like her, other residents also poured out their complaints on the schemes and programmers introduced by the Rajasekhara Reddy government during the three-hour long interactive session with the PR panel.

The committee visited the village to get a feedback on the implementation of schemes and was surprised to find the clarity of the people about the schemes. Bhagyamma and Ravinder wanted the government to double the amount for the construction of houses under the Indiramma Housing Scheme.

As of now, beneficiaries are given Rs.33, 000 for a unit; they wanted it to be increased to 100 sq. yards.

Chiranjeevi – Hindu News Paper Articels on 19 December 2008

Give me just one chance: Chiranjeevi

Praja Rajyam president asks people not to be misled again by other political parties

Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi at a meeting in Bhongir on Thursday.

Mega act: Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi at a meeting in Bhongir on Thursday.


Praja Rajyam president K. Chiranjeevi on Thursday made a fervent plea to the people to give him ‘just one chance’ to prove what he could do for the benefit of people and society.

He asked them not to be misled again by political parties which had taken them for a ride for decades, and vote for him. He said he was in public life to serve the people and not for any material benefits.

Marked deviation

His address to a gathering at ‘Praja Ankitha Sabha’, the first public meeting after the High Court banned road shows by political parties, was significant for the marked deviation from Chiranjeevi’s meetings earlier. The confident note in his voice at his earlier meetings was missing as were the teeming thousands.

In tune with his policy, Mr. Chiranjeevi did not name any party but a major part of his speech was devoted to lashing out at the Congress and the Telugu Desam. Reminding people that they had been taken for granted far too long by political parties and corrupt leaders, he asked them not to fall for political gimmicks and give him ‘just one chance’. He regretted that instead of ushering in decency and etiquette in politics, leaders of different parties were accusing each other. While one leader alleged that his rival, who owned just two acres of land when he came to Hyderabad was now worth Rs. 2,000 crore, the latter responded by accusing him of earning Rs. 1 crore an hour.

Fluorosis problem

Recalling the suffering of people of Nalgonda district due to fluorosis, he said the problem could be addressed with a pragmatic approach and spending some of the people’s money.

He regretted that poor women in the villages had to trek long distances to fetch a pot of safe drinking water and said if given a chance he would ensure that programmes were implemented well enough for this problem to be rooted out. The PR president later addressed a meeting in Bhongir and rounded off the day with a meeting in Pochampalli.


Praja Rajyam stages dharna


For the first time, Praja Rajyam Party on Thursday staged a dharna at the Collector’s office demanding strict implementation of legislations in force to check atrocities on women.

The organizers were seen mobilizing women from municipal wards by autos. Tarpaulins were spread on the ground for the women sit near the exit gate of the Collectorate. They raised slogans for some time and dispersed. Party district convenor M. Venkataramana and others participated in the programmer.


Praja Rajyam stages demonstration

PRP workers taking out a rally in Khammam on Thursday denouncing atrocities on women.

Punish the guilty: PRP workers taking out a rally in Khammam on Thursday denouncing atrocities on women.


The Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) on Thursday staged a demonstration in front of the Collectorate here on Thursday denouncing the increasing atrocities against women.

Hundreds of activists, including women, joined the first-ever protest rally of the party in the district by holding placards and banners.


The protesters presented a memorandum to the authorities drawing the attention of the administration to the torture and vile indignities women being subjected to in the society. They wanted prompt action against the culprits by bringing in effective legislations if necessary.

Party district convener Lakineni Raghu said that the party would fight against crimes against women. Tata Madhu, PRP leader from Paleru constituency, also took part.


Functionaries of the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) staged a protest on the increasing attacks on women. They took out a procession and staged a dharna at the Collectorate seeking stern action against the perpetrators of gender crimes. They wanted the government to initiate preventive stapes against atrocities on women.


PRP poised for more gains in Vizag

Ganta Srinivasa Rao made convener of both urban and rural units

The timing of Ganta’s decision to join PRP is perfect

He has trusted lieutenants in his co-conveners Ganababu and Yerra Patrudu


The nomination of Ganta Srinivasa Rao to head the Visakhapatnam district Praja Rajyam Party was expected as the newly formed party could not have found a more astute leader in the region which is why he is named convener of both urban and rural units.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao emerged suddenly on the political scene about a decade ago when the Telugu Desam Party chose to field him from Anakapalle Lok Sabha constituency against former minister Gudivada Gurunatha Rao. As a new-comer, he worked extremely well to romp home a clear winner, which saw him get closer to party president Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

With the TDP hoping to retain power in the State, he preferred contesting to the Assembly instead of the Lok Sabha as he was tipped to become a Minister in the event of another TDP victory. Almost similar to the gamble of Congress leader in Vizianagaram Botsa Satyanarayana who did not want renomination to the Bobbili Lok Sabha seat. Though he failed where Mr. Satyanarayana succeeded, thanks to a Congress wave which swept the State, Mr. Srinivasa Rao won with consummate ease, this time again over another former Minister Balireddi Satyarao to get elected from the Chodavaram Assembly constituency.

After enjoying considerable clout in the Telugu Desam Party, he decided to join the new party formed by Chiranjeevi at the right moment though it meant considerable heartburn to his mentor Chandrababu Naidu who was said to have been persuading him for quite sometime not to take any `hasty’ decision. But what was TDP’s loss is PRP’s gain. The PRP which has made a small beginning in the district is certain to show a marked improvement with Mr. Srinivasa Rao at the helm and his trusted lieutenants Ganababu and Yerra Patrudu as co-conveners of urban and rural units.


PR party leaders stage dharna


Scores of Praja Rajyam party leaders staged a demonstration at the district Collectorate protesting rising atrocities against women in the State.

PR district convenor J. Jacharaiah, joint convenor A. Varada Reddy, senior leader J. Sailaja and others led the demonstration. Their demands included setting up separate wing in police department, immediate punishment to those victimising college girls, women grievance cell at all district headquarters, restrictions imposed on screening of serials and cinema showing women in poor light and compensation for the injured women.